Continuing the Tradition

I have this wall in my room designated for all of my hunting photos. Those photos are of all of my families, friends, and my kills. To some that wall may be a wall of “murder.” But I want the people who see it as a wall of just plain murder to know that every deer on that wall was taken as pain free as possible. That every hunter on that wall was and is thankful for the lives of those deer. They are thankful for those deer giving them the opportunity to shoot them. If anyone ever comes into my room and is in disgust because of the wall, well they can simply just exit out of the door they came through. Those people who think we kill for fun and just to watch the animal suffer are dead wrong. Hunters have the MOST pride and respect for the animals they shoot. Hunters put in a lot of hard work, effort and time. You can not simply walk out into the woods and kill a giant buck or anything for that matter. If you could do it that simply I don’t know if I would hunt. For me I like being in the woods and observing the nature. I like to watch the fawns run around and play, and the young bucks brawl with each other. I like watching young bucks chase doe way too early in the season and have no idea what they are doing. I feel invisible when i’m out there. The animals do not know i’m there and that to me is exciting. I like the chase of not knowing what’s gonna step out when. I like letting the little guys go and the small doe pass because to me I want to see them grow and get bigger especially the little bucks. When I do shoot a deer whether it be a buck or doe I always feel the same way. First I get adrenaline running throughout my body when a doe or buck steps out which causes buck fever and a whole lot shaking. After that knowing I put the best shot possible I feel blessed that the animal came out of the woods. I feel remorse for the animals life that I just took. But overall I feel thankful that the man above blessed me with that animal and kept me safe out in the stand. I love the fact that every time I am out in the woods I am keeping my dad’s side of hunting alive. I love going out and hunting because I get to use everything my dad taught me and that means a lot. I am just a seventeen year old girl from a family of hunters so I don’t expect you to know or like our ways, but please respect them.